Sexy hunk Colin Farrell jacking off outdoors

May 24th, 2016

Colin Farrell is one of the most sought-after male stars in Hollywood and one quick look at him, whether you’re a man or a woman, will most likely send you some buzz in your veins because of his charm and good looks. These characteristics never go unnoticed even for an industry where he has to keep mum to protect certain aspects of his career and personal life. But being in this secret world of his did give him a boost with regards to his self-esteem and the will to stay fit at all times. Now he gives us a front seat to his hottest clip yet where he’s all fired up under an outdoor shower, getting naked and working on his cock and ass. Farrell is one hot fuck and he ain’t wasting it on a bed only when he’s tied up to some vow. Reason why he didn’t last with his previous partners, he has to be free at any cost. Here he is going all wild outdoors with the help of his best friend, Johnnie Walker. Jacking off while riding this bottle made him cum lots and I bet you’d be watching out for more from him after this.

Colin Farrell jerks off in public

The Colin Farrell Sex Tape Saga

July 8th, 2010

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In 2005 the internet was full of news of a Colin Farrell Sex Tape. Colin never denied the knowledge of the 14 minute tape he made with ex-girlfriend was Nicole Narain. The tape was a private recording made in 2003, between Colin and his ex-girlfriend. Nicole Narain is a former  Playboy Playmate. The sextape was made during the shoot of Daredevil wherein Colin played the villain Bullseye, that’s why Colin is bald in the sextape and has this bad-ass bullseye taget mark tattooed on his forehead.

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In 2005 Colin Farrell filed a lawsuit against Nicole Narain, David Hans Schmidt and the Internet Commerce Group (ICG) prohibiting the public release of the sex tape. Colin persisted in his claim that the tape was “strictly private and confidential” and that he would vigorously protect his own interests by prosecuting anybody that sought to publish the tape.  Nicole Narain denied that she attempted to publish the video; she denied selling a copy to adult entertainment publishers and  tried to make it clear that she’s not out to ruin Farrell’s career.  While the tape was available online, hackers gained access to the tape and published it online through file sharing systems.

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To get more dirt on the Colin Farrell tape, just click on the link.